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Stephen J. Goulds Criticism of the Theory Evolutionary Psychology

Stephen J Gould’s criticism of evolutionary psychology is actually from the perspective of an evolutionist. He wrote a piece for the New York Review of Books in 1997 which became an exchange on the principles, assumptions, and problems of evolutionary psychology (Gould seems to be taking on Steven Pinkers work How the Mind Works along with other popular titles). Goulds thesis in “Darwininan Fundmentalism” is this:

Evolutionary psychology could, in my view, become a fruitful science by replacing its current penchant for narrow, and often barren, speculation with respect for the pluralistic range of available alternatives that are just as evolutionary in status, more probable in actual occurrence, and not limited to the blinkered view that evolutionary explanations must identify adaptation produced by natural selection.

Gould criticizes what he calls the Darwinian fundamentalists (aka evolutionary psychologists including Pinker et…

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