War or Police metaphor in immunology?

Immune modeling

I am concerned about the use of the police and war metaphor in immunology; you can have a look at my previous post. I find it very difficult to think outside of this specific box. We are taught immunology with this metaphor. We told to communicate about immunology with this metaphor. I have the feeling that I face a wall when I try to think differently.

When you try to avoid the political extremism of this metaphor, it is difficult not to go into an other extreme, into a caricature of the opposite position. Indeed, we could be tempted by a peace and love metaphor (ref 1), but this would  be such a caricature.

I chose here to take a political direction to give an example of a way to rethink the metaphor. I agree that science should avoid politics. But today for the sake of thinking outside of the…

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